Oct 27, 2010

The New Monarchists

Now here's some interesting news.  Palin and other Faux news types apparently want Congress to vote to defund NPR over the recent firing there.

We could mention that only a small fraction of NPR's funding actually comes from the government.  Or we could defend or debate the firing in a number of ways.  Or we could suggest, that since Juan Williams has now signed  a rather lucrative contract with Fox the whole thing appears to be a publicity stunt.

But let's chat about our Founder-loving Momma Grizzly, Sarah Palin, and the government response that she wants.  What she wants to happen is for Congress, by a legislative act, to punish an organization whose recent conduct she disapproves of.

Such a legislative act would be called a Bill of Attainder, with the qualification that a Bill of Attainder usually entails being declared guilty of an actual crime rather than just doing something that Sarah Palin doesn't like.  Such acts are expressly forbidden by the constitution, as her beloved founders saw them as egregious abuses of British imperial power.  It was due to this that the bill defunding ACORN was rightly declared unconstitutional.

When viewed in conjunction with the recent right-wing meme condemning anti-colonialism, this paints a rather disturbing picture of their mindset.

They are actually monarchists.

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