May 7, 2010

the lady doth protest too much ...

So apparently, George Rekers has pulled a Ted Haggard--heck, may even have topped Ted Haggard.  This is one of the co-founders of the Family Research Council, on the Board of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, and who worked with the disingenuously named American College of Pediatricians.

And he just got back from a European vacation with a gay hooker.

The denials have been classic--he hired the boy to carry his luggage.  He was, like Jesus, hanging out with prostitutes and sharing the good news.  He talk about the possibility of "ceasing homosexual practices", and "shar[ed] scientific [sic] information [sic] on the desirability of abandoning homosexual intercourse."

Abandoning homosexual intercourse in favor of other things, like nude crotch massages.

The lady doth, indeed, protest too much.

Coincidentally, another story from the same blog where I read about Rekers mentioned that a "former" gay leader turned "straight" fundie has written an open letter to Ricky Martin:
the man who became an entertainer, beloved for his sex appeal, then turned into a practicing gay man by the pressure of a culture that idolizes sex over virtue ...
Apparently all those scantily-clad women throwing themselves at him all those years turned him queer.  Let this be a warning to us all.  Humor aside, the letter is a study in pathology and disinformation:
If masculinity can be undermined, the people will be without a powerful spine – and charismatic leaders with nothing but power and control in mind can assume that power and control.
Now that Ricky Martin is out of the closet, where are the big, strong, manly men who will lead us against tyranny?  This is totally not channeling frustration at the inability to be aroused by women into raging misogyny, much less transferring sexual desire for men into adulation of abstract masculinity!

I will merciful skip over the masses of lies about therapy and turning straight and whatnot.  There is, however, one bit which I consider crucial:
The pressure to succumb to homosexual desires is also immense. And this goes for anybody – homosexual desire is something that anybody can succumb to, just as it is something that anybody can turn away from.
Well, no.  No it isn't.  The poor fellow has absolutely no idea how straight men think.  Here's a simple test: look at a picture of an attractive guy and imagine having sex with him.  If your testicles retreat into your abdomen, then you're straight.  If, however, you think to yourself (as he does) "the seduction of homosexuality is so powerful," then you're not, and no amount of therapy, labeling, blogging, lying, or even getting married will change that.  

The problem here is externalization.  In homosexuals, the sex drive, for reasons not yet fully understood* but at any rate irreversible, points towards members of their own gender.  For humans, the sex drive is inextricably bound up with identity.  One of the many places where the anti-gay movement (and closet cases especially) go wrong is to deny sexuality a role in identity.  Thus, you're not gay, you suffer from gay urges, as if there existed some nefarious entity called 'gay urges' or 'homosexual desire' that implacably afflicted you, rather than it being what you yourself really want.

If asked, they would certainly claim that they didn't want it, that they fervently wished, more than anything in the whole world, to desire the opposite sex, and they are correct.  That is a mystery, and a paradox, for as O'Connor said, free will consists not of one will, but of many wills striving within us.  But the problem is that you can't will away your other will.  The prefrontal lobes cannot simply rewire the rest of the brain, and I cannot help but feel immense sympathy for the misery endured by those who try, and a most profound anger at those who continually urge them to it.

*I saw a TV special on studies of sexual orientation in identical twins. I can't find it, but it indicated that having a twin who was gay was about a 50% predictor for being gay oneself--which means that being gay is probably around 50% genetic and 50% other factors--that particular documentary suggested prenatal hormones.

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