Mar 27, 2014


This morning, Mother pestered me about some or another apologetical work in that plausibly deniable way she has--"I was just asking for you opinion!"  Faced with the familiar "put up with false-consensus BS" or "start a fight and have everyone jump on you for being unpleasant", I picked B, and in the ensuing argument she asked just why I was so threatened by religious ideas.

Apparently she confuses "being annoyed by repetitive garbage" with "having my rebellion against God shaken to its core".

But the truth is ... I am threatened by religious ideas.

Just look at yesterday's Hobby Lobby oral arguments, in which sincerely held religious beliefs--that contraception is an abortifacient*--are being claimed as grounds for special legal privileges.  This despite that 1) carving out a specifically religious privilege specifically discriminates against the nonreligious and 2) contraception is not an abortifacient, you raving morons.  This infuriating lunacy not only made it to the Supreme Court, but might just carry the day.

Or take today's big headline: World Vision allowed gay-married employees, then reneged as 2000 Christians cut off their sponsor child.

Or go a little further back.  Do a Google image search for "Jessica Ahlquist death threats."  I'll wait.

Or consider the more recent squashing of a SSA club in North Carolina via death threats and blackmail.

Or take my Mother, who votes against my healthcare and my brother's civil rights because of ... wait for it ... her religious ideas.

So yeah, Mom, you're right: I am threatened by religious ideas, because people insist on acting them out.

* Oh, and, I now believe that enforcement of copyright law is an abortifacient.  Sincerely believe it, as my Church, The First Church of FSM, Piratist, teaches.  Donations are tax-exempt, and if the legal winds blow some precedent our way then we, too, will be hiring lawyers.

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