Oct 12, 2012

The State of the Race

My wife complains: here I've been blogging about esoteric theological twaddle in the midst of a presidential campaign. So balls to that. Here's some politics.

Obama's debate performance was crap. Not 3-d chess, not some cunning plot, not the altitude (wtf, Al?), crap.  He got beat, and that right proper. He under prepared, and Mitt showed up not as GOP primary Mitt, but as Massachusetts moderate Mitt, and was positively wounded, sir, that you could say such things about him. He then lied his ass off. What, are you some kind of grandfatherly budget cobbler and the little congress gnomes will come out at night and patch the $5 trillion dollar hole in your plan?  Fuck me--and fuck you: those with pre-existing conditions are not covered under your plan. My family can't find a first insurance company, let alone shop for a different one as you suggest.

In the wake of that disaster, Obama finally woke the fuck up: the balls dropped, and he started sounding like he wanted it.  Biden came out swinging in the Vice Presidential debate, and walked away with the victory. Obfuscation can only carry one so far, it seems, and the Very Serious Ryan ... isn't. Nor ever was: that famed concern for the debt only ever amounted to a constipated expression as he helped Bush double it. Just another Randian hack with dreamy eyes and a hard-on for powerpoint and tax cuts.

So calm down, Andrew Sullivan. Yeah, it was bad, but I really just can't see Team Evil winning it even so.

That's where things stand, more or less. Romney/Ryan are desperately shaking their Etch-a-Sketches and refusing to give details, while O and the Dems race to stop the bleeding from the Pres' horrible, awful, no-good debate night.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

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