Apr 30, 2012


My sleep schedule has gone south lately: going to bed later and later, lying awake longer and longer, then finally passing out around six or seven and sleeping most of the day.  Absent enforced schedules, I tend to be nocturnal.  No idea why, just always been this way.

The semester is over, which calls for celebration; an internship is coming, invoking slight trepidation; and beyond another year of grad school another life awaits.  For now, it remains distant and unreal; for now, the immense relief of being done with an 18 hour overload is still the primary emotion: gaming and singing and cooking and reading and spending time with my wife are enough to satisfy.  In a week, in two weeks, I'll start getting antsy.  Absent the constant pressure of class I'll start getting worked up about the latest political development or religious silliness, needing to write and vent.

But leave that for when it comes.  Now I'm contented, relieved, and perfectly happy to sit around all day abusing the crit mechanics in Fallout: New Vegas.  And they are imminently and deliciously abusable, I assure you.

I won't say that this is the good life: I'll get bored in another week or so like I said.  But it is a good break: a celebration and transition where I can recharge and prepare for something new.  For now, though, sleep: Washington and New Vegas both await.

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