Feb 13, 2012

Facebook Dad

1. This is one half of a he said/she said.  How many parents think that they are in the right in disputes with their children?  Nearly all.  How many actually are?  Rather less.  Which one is this?  Without actually knowing any of the parties involved, or even hearing from the daughter apart from what the father quoted, we really can't say.

2.  If you're disciplining your child with .45 caliber exploding hollow point, ur doin it rong.

3.  All teenagers whine about their parents to their friends.  All of them.  No exceptions.  All teenagers are basically frustrated with their lives because their lives are basically frustrating: treated as children, but not, and certainly not adults yet, either.  And she vented her frustration to her friends, just like all of them do.  For this you destroyed her computer (along with all her documents, music and pictures?), banned from the internets until she goes to college, and held her up for $130.

4.  Get a job.  Really.  Have you tried to get a job recently?  It ain't pretty.

5.  Your daughter dissed you on Facebook.  So you dissed her right back on Facebook.  Poetic justice?  Perhaps.  Moral high ground/good example?  Definitely not.

Look, I've worked with teenagers: it's nature's way of preparing the parents for the empty nest.  Most of them deserve a good thrashing, no argument there, and I'm a fan of pwnage, but this goes rather beyond that.  It's a disturbing video, and it's disturbing how quickly so many people lauded it.

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