Mar 3, 2011

Minecraft Signal Splitter

Just a little something that I cooked up in Minecraft ...

Gotta love a game with freedom of the imagination AND zombies!


  1. so...if I had played this game before, would all of this make sense? 'Cause it looks like you spent six minutes turning a light bulb on and off again. and you killed an innocent sheep!

  2. that sheep had it coming.

    the point of the contraption is to make long-distance communication easier. the game is basically about building things, and sometimes you build these 'electronic' devices in two different bases that are a long, long way away, but you still need them to 'talk' to each other. this is a quick-and-dirty way of letting two machines talk to each other over the same wire rather than stringing two separate wires. you use the contraption on one end to differentiate the signals, and then use the contraption on the other end to parse the signal to the correct line. the lights going on and off just show that the pulse went where it was supposed to.

    although, ironically, about half an hour after the video finished uploading i later realized that it was possible to make the receiving end contraption about a third of its current size ...