Sep 16, 2010

baaawwwwwing birthtards

Still?  Still?

We've been through this.  Obama was born in Hawaii.  There are even newspaper clippings from local papers announcing the birth.  To top it all off, the Constitution never once says that the President must be born in the US--it says he must be born a citizen.  Citizenship laws at the time of his birth stated that anyone born with at least one American parent who had lived a minimum number of years in the US was a citizen by birth.  Even if he had been born in Kenya, then he was still born a citizen by the principle of jus sanguinis, and thus still eligible to serve.

But now the meme has changed--the virus has mutated.  In addition to merely whining about proving his eligibility, birthtards are now whining that he has spent millions of dollars to keep the truth covered up, and that he is arrogantly dismissing the proceedings against him.

Because the idea that a politician facing lawsuits hires a lawyer, and especially the idea that the President of the United States doesn't fly across the country to be personally present when every spurious litigant gets thrown out on their ear, proves he's guilty.

Obama has spent millions to cover up the truth! they scream.  He apparently wasted his money, since the birth certificate is available online, and has been for two years.

Here is an article about it.

Note the date of the article--June 2008.  Obama posted it on the web two years ago, but he's 'proven' guilty by all the money he has spent to hide it.

Two. Years.

Snopes vouches for it.

And Politifact.

And Fact Check.

And the director of Hawaii's health department.

And Hawaii's republican governor.

And the democratic party's vetting procedure.

And everyone from before his presidential campaign, when he served in state and national politics.

And the entire investigative apparatus of the US government, who allowed him to take office.

Against all that you have:

Years before this broke out, Hawaii enacted a law preventing people from accessing other people's vital records, a law which they enforce even if those seeking illegal access are very, very self-righteous white people prying into a black man's records.

And: a politician facing dozens of lawsuits hires a lawyer, and fails to dignify each and every dismissal of the suits against him with his personal presence thousands of miles away from where he works.

Words just fail me.  What possible evidence could convince them?  If they do not listen to Snopes, and Factcheck, and Politifact, and the governor, and the jpeg of the certificate, and the newspaper clippings, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.

The level of unreason at work here--of willful, malicious ignorance and denial of demonstrated fact--absolutely staggers the mind.  I can't explain it--I just can't.  They don't really believe it: they can't be that stupid and still put on their own socks, let alone post their incoherent drivel on the Internet.  But they can't be lying: they can't be that evil and make it through the day without murdering puppies.  It's like creationism gone nuclear--no, it's worse than that, even: it's like the moon landings were staged by the Roswell aliens to distract the sheeple's attention from water fluoridation that acts as a radioactive conduit for the NSA's mind-control rays by which the social parasites are programmed to oppose the self-interested, ubermensch producers upon whose shoulders the world rests so that the devil may meet no resistance when he swoops down in his flying saucer to rule the world with the Illuminati and a dragon-riding Iraqi hooker.

But there you are.  If it meant that the black guy couldn't be president, then they'd believe that, too.  Are a quarter of all Americans really malevolent halfwits?

Signs point to 'yes.'

And no, I haven't forgotten about my final thoughts in the saga of Beck and King.  I thought it best to leave it alone during Sept. 11, but after seeing one too many birther comments in my facebook feed, writing was the only way to keep my head from exploding.


  1. The irrational anger coming from the Tea Party and the Religious Right is troubling. We definitely need to keep an eye on them AND be politically active ourselves.