Aug 29, 2010

Beck and King, pt.1

So now there's been a Teabagger rally on the site of and anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech.

Now, Glenn Beck has stated that the coincidence was just that: an innocuous (or providential) coincidence.  Right.  Sure it was.  You were going to have a big rally at the exact same place and it just happened to be on the exact same day.  Accepting that requires us to believe that Glenn Beck and company were totally, blissfully, and completely ignorant of one of the most important dates in African American history, and I personally find that ... very ... um ... very ...

Okay, so it was a coincidence.  Some people just don't have a head for dates--I'm one of them, and so, apparently, is Glenn Beck.

Now, his response when he found out, and what he said there, and where he stood, and what he wore ... that I'm still sorting through.  That someone should have figured it out before he started getting called out for it goes without saying, but it's Glenn Beck we're talking about here.  If his excuse for co-opting a sacred date is ignorance and incompetence then we're going to have to find some pretty overwhelming evidence for disputing that.  Now, that evidence may or may not exist, and I may or may not eventually decide that I find it persuasive.  I really don't know yet, but I'm going to be taking a look.  I'll let you know what I find.


  1. Ignorance isn't going to cut it...You would have to somehow prove that not only Beck but his handlers, the other people (if there were any, I didn't pay attention) who spoke there, all the people who set it up for him, all the people who promoted it for him, and anyone else who may have had any hand in it ALL have the IQ of the chocolate chips I'm eating.

    It's possible...Look at America today. But plausible? I have my doubts. I look forward to your analysis of the evidence, though!

  2. I highly doubt that Beck's choice of date was a coincidence. Beck has been talking about reclaiming MLK and the civil rights legacy for some time (check Media Matters), so 8/28 was likely a symbolic choice.

    Beck. Ugh.