Apr 7, 2010

Apparently, Pope Benedict's Critics Don't Care about Kids.  You see, liberal elitists like me aren't actually bothered when young children are raped and molested.  They don't really mind that the Catholic Church launched a massive coverup to prevent the perpetrators coming to justice and allow them to continue to abuse children just in order to save face.  I mean, just look at how I completely overlooked Michael Jackson's sins in order to fawn all over him when he died.  We just wanted to take the opportunity to look down our noses at honest, believing Catholics and men of God like Ratzinger, and cast lots for his clothing just like we did with Jesus.

On a good day, this would elicit nothing more than a dismissive laugh.  Today, however, is not a good day.  Today, I went to the funeral of this girl (use google translate to get the gist), who was abducted, raped, and tortured, then dumped at a bus stop.  She lingered a month then died of complications after multiple surgeries and infections.

Her killer remains at large.  Today, as I said, is not a good day.  So when I came home and saw this article not merely insinuating but blatantly accusing me of caring not for children but merely using their mass-rape as an excuse to bring down catholic orthodoxy, it was simply a little much.

I will say this as simply as I can.  I don't care if you're Michael Jackson.  I don't care if you're some despised gypsy in Bulgaria.  I don't care if you're the Pope.  Anyone who does that to a child should be killed.  Not shuffled to a different parish, not excused, not apologized for.  Killed.  Crucified.  Gutsfucked with a chainsaw and left for the ants. 

I hope--I sincerely hope--that the evidence we've seen till now is wrong.  I hope that Ratzinger did not help pedophiles evade justice and continue raping children.

But if he did, I hope he burns in Hell.

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